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About us

Iraqi Home is a Non-Profit organization formed by a group of volunteers aimed to provide awareness activities about Laws, regulation and applied rules in Canada for those who wish to migrate or seek refuge to Canada, and to help and guide the newcomers to settle and assist them to start their new life in Canadian society smoothly and efficiently.

Our objective is to nurture and promote collaborative assistance and support among Canadian-Iraqi community and to be a role model for other communities in Canada, and the first step to obtaining that objective is to support and guide the new comers to help them to settle and merge with Canadian society as productive and active members.

Our services include support and guide the newcomers and refugees and communicate with them before they arrive in Canada, receiving them at the airport, arrange for temporary or permanent accommodation, and all the tasks that the newcomers need to do, like evaluation of the educational level to the children and admitting them into governmental schools, opening bank account, finding a family doctor, getting a driving license, buying a suitable vehicle, and assisting in preparing the resume for the skilled and professional members and guide them to find a job that suits their skills and capabilities in order to make the newcomers a productive, financially secure members.

Iraqi Home started to communicate and coordinate with the businessmen and professional members to contribute effectively in assisting the newcomers and their families by providing them with the services with a discounted prices in order to spare the newcomers a lot of wastage in time and efforts and money.

It is crucial to emphasise that Iraqi Home is a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, therefore we will not be able to provide any financial aid or support whatsoever and for anyone. Our members are Canadian of Iraqi origin lived here in Canada and for a while and are willing to support their brothers from Iraq and other Arab communities to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience that the members have faced when they arrived here and therefore agreed to dedicate some of their time and effort to help their community members.

Iraqi Home welcomes any comment or proposal to improve our services or add new services, you can submit your comments and suggestion online via our website or facebook.

We are anxious to communicate and answer any question you may have, and we will be happy to provide you with any of our services.

And as the Iraqi expression “Union is power”