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Employment Services

Newcomers carry a wide variety of skills and experience to their job search in Canada; however many of them are unfamiliar with Canadian job search practices. The Iraqi Home offer a wide range of support services to assist in developing the skills needed to get a job including resume and cover letter preparation, use of research tools (Internet), interview readiness and explanation of – or in some cases experience with – workplace practices, and information about Canadian employers and the labour market. Employment supports are delivered through one-to-one assistance or in a group setting in Job Search Workshops – whichever works best to meet the individual needs and employment goals for the client.

Employment Settlement Services

Our specialists at the Iraqi Home are available to provide assistance including career exploration, Return to Work Action Plans and job search coaching, as well as referrals to other services if required. For more information about Employment Settlement Services at the Iraqi Home visit us @

Resources Area

At our office, we offer a trained staff with access to computers with the Internet, wifi, fax machine, photocopiers, scanners, telephones and webcams/headphones to help with the administrative services.

Here the clients will find specific information about the cultures and the community activities. This place often becomes a gathering place for clients to meet and network.

Job Search Workshops Program (this program is designed to help you with the job searching)

  • Workshops organised regularly
  • individual coaching and assessment
  • A welcoming environment to learn about job search strategies and Canadian business perspectives

For more information about the Job Search Workshops Program visit us at The Iraqi Home

Accreditation & Qualifications Assistance

Getting a job in Canada is a priority for most Newcomers. Credential recognition can be a big concern. Accreditation is needed when employers look for education as a condition for employment or when a profession is regulated in Canada.

At the Iraqi Home, Newcomers can meet in individual interviews with a facilitator to conduct research for their accreditation goals. Setting up an action plan with the client in a confidential session reviewing all Pathways to Certification that includes steps for Certification and Licensing; Training; Trades; Translations and Portfolio Development.

The final option available to foreign trained professionals through the Iraqi Home is Pathway to Skills Upgrading. In this path, clients upgrade their accreditation by individual coaching or group workshops.

An Accreditation Facilitator can help you answer the questions:

  • Am I qualified to work in my profession in Canada?
  • What type of training / education do I need to enter my profession?
  • How can I get my academic credentials recognized?
  • What are other options?
  • Can I fast track my goals?
  • What other services can you refer me to that can help with my employment / education or training goals?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help. We will try our best to provide you with the necessary assistance.